Colour-coded Segregation

Colour-coding of cleaning equipment is an effective strategy to reduce cross contamination between work areas. It has an application across a broad range of industries including:

  • Food processing
  • The meat industry
  • The beverage industry
  • Retailing
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Hospitals, schools and universities
  • Hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Each series of products in the HEDGEHOG range has up to 12 colours available. These colours help to separate cleaning equipment, food handling tools and other equipment into colour-coded areas.

Colour-coding is a useful aid in improving food safety and quality and ensures operators are well placed to comply with GFSI-approved food safety standards.

The main benefits of colour-coded cleaning are:

  • It helps to minimise the risk of cross contamination of areas by micro organisms, allergens and foreign bodies
  • Where colour coded equipment is assigned to a matching colour area, storage, shelf or wall space it is easy to identify tools and equipment that are out of place
  • It is a simple system that is easy to understand especially for complex workplaces with a diverse workforce operating across multiple shifts and locations
  • It improves workplace safety and procedures and leads to a more organised and cooperative workplace culture
  • It can maximise the service life of cleaning equipment by ensuring that tools fit-for-purpose are used in the correct environment, thus reducing costs
  • It simplifies the procurement and re-order process with easy inventory control
  • and lastly from an aesthetic and brand prospective it creates confidence in the plant operator that they are organised, responsible, pro-active and capable of ensuring high standards of hygiene and product safety and security.


There are 12 colour codes as per below.
Please specify the colour code after the product code when ordering. (eg. xxxxx-01 is the product xxxxx in blue colour.)